The 3D-Bit is like no other drill bits. It's versatile, fast, and drills perfect hole edges every-time. It drills backwards, sideways, and upwards. In fact, the speed, angle, and creation are all limited to your capabilities.



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The GripIt offers a simple method of wall hanging on plasterboard because of its ease of use, high performance, and convenience. The GripIt trumps all other similar products on the market because it loads heavier items, it is easy to remove and reuse, and you can use the GripIt quickly as a fix design solution.

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The Thumby is a practical little thing  designed as a complimentary tool to the well-known folding rule. We at Smarty Tools promise you that the Thumby will save you tons of unnecessary and ridiculous suffering. The Thumby is the inexpensive plastic tool that will help you making it right the first time!

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Tidymaker is the first hanger in the world which can hold almost everything independent of shape! Tidymaker is used not only in garden sheds and garages but also in boats, mobile homes, schools, workshops, service vans, sheds, boiler rooms etc.

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Open the door to possibilities with our Blockystar. The unique, flexible shape lets you hold a door or window open or closed. Made from soft rubber it's easy to put in place and remove. It even works as a bumper, preventing doors from hitting walls or furniture.

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