The 3D-bit is serves as a drill and router bit. Its unique design has made it reliable and versatile that it replaces all other traditional wood drills. Owning a 3D-Bit in your toolkit is a must when it comes to any type of advanced drilling that requires speed and precise cutting for trench cables, fitting of mortice locks, or any type of curved and regular fine cut holes.

The 3D-Bit

  • Can cut forwards, sideways, and backwards
  • Serves as a routing bit whenever you need to cut grooves, channels, mortices, or to counter bore holes
  • Cuts long grooves without any difficulties. Just hold the drill at a flat angle to the surface and guide it in the direction you want to cut
  • Offers unique opportunities for adjusting the curvature of the hole to the bend radius you need when running cables and tubes
  • Grips better and remains sharp much longer when drilling plasterboard, chipboard, and plastics 
  • Has sharp wings that scribe the hole circle before the drill head begins to cut, which produces neat and fine hole edges. You can manage knots as neatly as you would with a much more expensive knot drill
  • Drills perfectly straight holes, equally easy curved holes, and twisty passages
  • Is designed to prevent jamming and intense vibrations while maintaining control and accuracy.
  • Is made of re-sharpenable alloy steel and six cutting edges ensure the bit outlast conventional drill bit

Whatever hole you want to drill, the 3D bit creates it for you. A family owned product that needs to be in everyone's home!

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The 3D-Bit in Action!

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