Blockystar is the world's best designed and useful door stop. It is constructed to hold doors and windows open. From a 0º to 180º degree angle, it prevents doors and windows from dinging walls & slamming shut. Each Blockystar is made from UV resistant soft rubber and is a 5-in-1 door stop (Hinge / Wedge / Bumper / Frame / Handle)  and 3-in-1 windowstop (Hinge / Frame / Handle), which gives you countless of usages from a traditional gadget. Offered in a variety of colors, it will brighten up any room.

It's the most functional door stop in the market, because it can be used as:
1.- Door Stop & window Stop
2.- Is a wedge
3.- Is a bumper
4.- Door Grippers/Holders
5.- Door Hinge Stop
6.- Door handle and wall protector
7.- Security Door Stop and children safety
8.- Is a book end

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The Blockystar in Action!



We have double doors into our master bath and they open out. We have 2 chests of drawers near the doors so if they swing all the way open, the door handles hit the chests. We were having trouble finding something that would stay put but without having to permanently attach something to the floor, the doors or the chests. I found these and they work perfectly. The rubber helps keep them in place on our wood floors

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