Cutting chipboard for internal walls have been made many times. On plain material and surface it's usually goes your way, but if you must cut a piece of wood with a knife or moderate it with a pencil, it will almost always complicate things. The Thumby is designed to remedy this problem. To give you an inexpensive tool that can be next to you at all times. With this simple, but ingenious folding rule companion, you can start being productive and accurate in your craftsmanship without any unnecessary pain and discomfort.

  • Make straight line cuts without any difficulties
  • Use it to cut chipboard with the help of your knife
  • Keep straight lines when cutting glass
  • Use the Thumby for any measurement work and cutting of various materials. Use it when working with chipboard, pieces of wood, tile, glass, and sheet metal
  • The Thumby is available in different colors and can be easily mounted in a holder in your belt

The Thumby is so inexpensive that you can allow yourself the luxury of several Thumbys for friends and family. Or, why not buy them in different colors to match your outfit of choice.

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The Thumby in Action!


Martin Timell

Swedish carpenter and television presenter

If you find one, buy 10 of them!

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