The Tidymaker is the first hanger in the world which can hold almost everything independent of shape. It is used not only in garden sheds and garages, but also in boats, mobile homes, schools, workshops, service vans, sheds, and boiler rooms. The Tidymaker will make you think in a completely different way about the traditional methods of hanging things up. It's built on a simple idea, but with the Tidymaker you can be effective and creative in your tidiness.
  • A variety of 61 objects can be easily hung in the space of 0.75 square meters
  • Each object can be taken down, used, and hung again easily to any available place without disrupting the order
  • The Tidymaker can even be used for garden works to hang up plants
  • Everything hangs steadily and the weight can be as much as 20 kg (44lbs)
  • With competing products, the hanger has to match the object's shape and form. However, the Tidymaker matches everything regardless of structure. It is a truly universal fit

The Tidymaker truly is a universal hanger that solves most of the storage problems for the user. In addition, the retailers will have a product that is price competitive while requiring less shelf space. Let's tidy up!

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The Tidymaker in Action!


Peter Brett

Tool reviewer for toolbusiness.co.uk

The flexibility of the TIDYMAKER is such that almost no matter what I want to hang up, the TIDYMAKER will accommodate it. A small investment in a flexible system like this is a gamble worth taking because it could bring back hanging, but in a nice way!

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